Catastrophic Brain Injury: Lessons Learned from Life, Love and Loss
October 17, 2016
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October 18, 2016

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What do you do when the worst that can happen…happens? At age 60, after working hard to put three children through Emory University and graduate programs and law school and after celebrating their marriages, careers, new homes and healthy babies; my husband Bob and I assumed it now was our turn. After all, we had been happily married for 38 years and lived a rewarding life, passionately supporting each other and raising healthy, educated children. This time—our time—was to be the pentacle of our lives together—the moment we had waited for to see the world, to work less and enjoy more, to finally focus on “us”.

Instead, just two days before we boarded a cruise ship bound for Italy, life’s interruptions hit in an instant. Bam! Wham! We were faced with two separate catastrophic events – less than four months apart and while both of us were literally near death, we survived. I was then challenged with being a wheelchair patient and caregiver to my brain injured husband at our home. And there is more…much more.

Deb Bruce
Deb Bruce
Debra Fulghum Bruce, PhD, is a well-known author, senior medical writer and health literary expert. Deb works hard and plays hard! An avid wordsmith and health communications professional, Deb loves boating, fishing and catching blue crabs at her bay front condominium in South Tampa Florida.

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